About me


I was born in October 1986 and I live in Bogotá, Colombia. I am an Electronic Engineer graduated from the Julio Garavito Colombian School of Engineering (2010 class) and a Specialist in Electronic Commerce from the Universidad de los Andes (2014).

I am a consultant with extensive experience helping organizations in the proper use of technology to achieve their strategic objectives. Likewise, I have professional experience and as a teacher at the Sergio Arboleda University in the areas of digital innovation and technology for business.

I started my professional experience as a developer (2010) at Nivel Siete, a leading company in technology for education and talent management in Latin America. During my time as a developer I focused on leading integration projects and custom functionalities for the Moodle platform. This experience was invaluable and later led me to work as a project manager (2013), where I helped organizations from the corporate, education and government sectors in the region to plan and effectively manage e-learning projects, web development, applications. mobile phones and Cloud Computing infrastructure.

Later in Nivel Siete, I worked as Customer Success Manager (2014), a hybrid role that involved technical, sales and marketing skills to manage strategic accounts in which the value created for our clients was increased at the same time as create new business opportunities for the company. From this role I also had the opportunity to contribute regularly with articles for the E-Learn magazine, hold webinars on the strategic use of technology in organizations and participate as an international speaker at Moodlemoot, an event that brings together the leaders and protagonists of the elearning that use Moodle as a technological platform.

In 2015, Nivel Siete was acquired by Blackboard Inc, a pioneer in learning solutions and a world leader in the elearning industry. Following this acquisition, my initial role was Solutions Engineer (2015) for Latin America and served as Director of Product Management (2016) for Blackboard Open LMS globally.

In 2020 Open LMS got acquired by LTG and I got promoted to Sr. Director of Growth. Here I led the charge on our new reseller program and now I’m in charge of product-led growth.