People, not robots: Thinking of how we speak and write

As I think of how organizations communicate with customers, and how we as customers want to be treated, I believe there’s something very clear: We want genuine human connections.

Organizations that understand this reality become intentional in humanizing their brands through their communication, shifting from wordsmithing tightness and legally-appropriate copy to a style that could reflect that their organizations are made of people, not robots.

Here are some quick thoughts on things that I’ve tried to implement in my writing that has allowed me to develop closer connections with colleagues and customers.

  • Speak like a human: avoid using buzzwords, tech, or biz terms when not absolutely necessary. Remove the corporate robot sounding sentences.
  • Write as you speak: Write as if you were talking to a single person in front of you. People want genuine connections with more people, not PR copy.
  • Own your stuff: Use singular and plural first person when writing or talking. I did, We decided vs The company did, The Company has decided.
  • The good, if short, twice as good: Think of removing things that don’t add to your message. There’s beauty in simplicity.
  • Think of value and how would you like to be treated: Your customers and colleagues are as busy as you are, so apart from trying to be short, think of how are messages are worth reading. Is it useful?

There’s much to say on this topic, and sounding more human doesn’t mean we should just go out and write whatever crosses our minds at a given moment. We should still aim to be valuable, respecful, and thoughtful. I just believe we all could use a bit less fluff.

Stay safe!

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